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"The Internet can be the key to a successfully promoted business."

MerlinCorp.com offers professional web site design, specializing in business development and e-commerce solutions.

Our design methodology is based upon making your business available to everyone. Our development team ensures compliance with HTML specifications and employs optimal graphic layout and search engine placement.

Our skilled team of web site designers and developers will ensure that your project becomes a success.

MerlinCorp.com believes that simplicity is one of the most important aspects of building a Web site. If a Web page is slow to load; looks horrible; or offers the visitor little useful information; then there will be few visitors that return to your site more than once.

Have we built glitzy Internet sites? Sure, because it was what the customer wanted. Do we think this was the best route to go? In some cases. But the majority of the best Internet sites are those that practice simplicity and offer their visitors straightforward information that's easily digested.

The average time that a Web site is visited is less than 30 seconds - often, way less! Make those seconds count - capture their EMOTIONS and then capture their business.

How high do you want to see your business go?

$450.00+ - Site Construction

MerlinCorp.com also offers web site hosting:

$149.00 - Hosting for one year


Receive your Annual Account for only $149.00 ....
That's only $12.50 a month!

Sample Web Sites

Colusa Rice

Smith Vineyard

Manuel Bros

Valley Home Center

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